Adobe Acrobat X Suddenly Stops Working in Windows 8.1 & 10

pdf Have experienced strange behaviour of Adobe Acrobat X running on Windows 8.1, 64-bit, installed as part of the Adobe Creative Suite CS6 package.

Suddenly Acrobat X decides it just won't open up. Great! So many documents are stored in PDF format and Acrobat won't open up. Thank you, mate!

The solution

  1. You only need to download this patch, issued by Adobe (which should be installed automatically with the updates, right, but it -- oddly enough -- isn't).
  2. Unzip the downloaded patch.
  3. Open a command window by pressing the Start button or the Start key and type 'cmd', and run it as administrator.
  4. Change directory (cd) to the folder where the patch is located.
  5. Run the patch by typing 'Acrofix' in the CMD window.
  6. In a short while everything should be fine again.

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