Drupal Gallery Formatter Module (Missing) Manual

The (sort of a) missing manual of the Gallery Formatter Drupal module.

Today I've had a little bit of fun trying out one of the simplest image gallery modules for Drupal, the Gallery Formatter module, and since I haven't fount a manual that would describe exactly what you have to do to make it work, here's how you do it.

Hope it helps.

What do you need?

What's next?

Upload and enable both modules.

And then?

  • Go to Structure/Content Types and choose the content type where you want the galleries displayed, e.g. 'Basic page'
  • Click on 'Manage fields' to the right
  • In the 'Add new field' field enter the desired name of the image field, let's call it 'Image'
  • Under field type select 'image' and click the 'Save' button
  • On next screen click the 'Save field settings' button
  • On next screen you can change where files are stored and how many images are allowed to be in this gallery, so in 'Number of values' in field settings I usually choose 'unlimited'
  • When you're done click the 'Save settings' button
  • Afterwards click on the 'Manage display' tab
  • To the right of your newly created Image field change the label settings from 'Above' to '<Hidden>' and format from 'Image' to 'jQuerry Gallery'
  • In my case on the right to this field I see the following settings:
    Slides style: galleryformatter_slide
    Thumbnails style: galleryformatter_thumb
    Gallery style: Greenarrows
    Linking to full image
    Full image style: None (original image)
    Modal used for full image: none
    Linking method: Using a link
  • Click the 'Save' button

How do I create my first Gallery Formatter gallery?

  • Add a page using the content type where you added the 'Image' field
  • Add a title of this gallery
  • To the bottom there's a field 'Add a new file' where you can upload your images ... one by one. Select one either by clicking on the 'Browse' button or into the empty field and click 'Upload'
  • If you have enabled the 'Alt' and 'Title' fields you can also add a short title and description of added images which appear in the overlay
  • When you're done click the 'Save' button and if everything worked OK your gallery should be showing.

It's not as complicated as it may seem when you look at it for the first time.

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